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Hi, I'm Bernie Johnson and I'm a 25 year General Contractor. I've been working in every type of construction project you can imagine. And when I took a trip to Mexico about 10 years ago, I fell in love with the style of roofs at some of the beach-side resorts I visited. I decided that a fun little side-project for me would be to focus on that building style, not only for tropical beaches and resorts, but also for home bungalows and other cool buildings. Because, it's not just a job -- it should also be fun. And lets face it, thatch roofs are fun! I created this site How To Build A Thatch Roof to give you tips and help you decide what to look for when hiring someone to build your thatch roof. And also, I'd like to help teach you how to build your own. So, welcome to my site, stick around and let's have some fun.

Palapa Thatch Roofing

Originally, a palapa thatch roof was made out of woven dried palm leaves. Today, palapas can have different palapa thatch roofing materials including reed, straw and of course, palm. A palapa is any structure that has a palapa thatch roofing and open sides. Examples of palapas could be umbrellas, tiki bars and open-sided sheds or gazebos. Palapa thatch roofing could be made of natural or synthetic materials. If you want to use natural materials, make sure you have the palapa thatch treated with some kind of fire retardant, especially if your palapa is going to be used for outdoor commercial purposes. Building safety codes require palapas to be resistant to fire, so fireproofing is a must, even if your palapa is for home use.

When building a palapa thatch roof, it is often recommended to use synthetic materials instead of natural for the following reasons:
-Synthetic palapa thatch roofing is fire retardant.
-Synthetic palapa thatch lasts longer compared to natural thatch.
-Synthetic palapa thatch roof does not attract rodents, insects and birds that may damage the palapa thatch over time.
-Synthetic palapa thatch are cheap to buy and maintain.
-Synthetic palapa thatch resistant to mold and rotting.
-Synthetic palapa thatch roofing is easy to install and does not take too long to complete.

Palapas is a good addition to any pool side, beach resort or any tropical setting. You can also use palapas as a relaxing spot in a more modern area. As soon as your palapa is built, you can start furnishing and decorating it with accessories that match it. Furniture can include chairs and tables made out of bamboo and other natural materials as well.

You can order palapa kits that are easy to assemble, or just the palapa thatch roofing material, so that you can customize the look of your palapa. A company called Palapa Kings has a line of thatching panels collectively known as Mexican Raincape Palapa Thatching. Contact a palapa thatch roofing service to inquire about their products and services. Build your own palapa now using quality synthetic palapa thatch roofing and get ready to chill and relax with your family and friends under it!

Bamboo Roof Advantages

If you are looking for a green solution for your home roofing, you can use a bamboo roof. Bamboo grows abundantly in nature. It is a renewable resource that can be used for several crafts, furniture and even a home construction project. You can use a bamboo roof on your home or outdoor recreational facility. A bamboo roof is not only environmentally friendly, but is also cheap and very appealing to view.

You can have design for your bamboo roof customized. You can find hundreds of photos of design ideas for a bamboo roof in some websites like Ideabook. Ideabook is like an idea board, but online. You search for the design you like, click the add button to add that image or images, if you like many on your own idea board and refer to it when building your structure, in this case, when building your bamboo roof.

Advantages of Having A Bamboo Roof:
-A bamboo roof is eco-friendly and sustainable. As mentioned above, bamboo grows quickly and abundantly. Growing bamboo trees to their maturity usually takes around 7 years, that’s pretty fast compared to hardwood trees.

-You can save money with a bamboo roof. A bamboo roof keeps your closed dwelling cool during hot weather, reducing up to 50% of your air-conditioning expenses. A bamboo roof reduces indoor temperature.

-With a bamboo roof, there is no need to worry about termites. Although bamboo is considered to be a type of wood, it is actually not wood, but rather a grass. As so, a bamboo roof is not susceptible to rotting, shrinkage and other wood problems.

-A bamboo roof can absorb impacts and is very flexible.

-Length of bamboos varies, as well as their diameter and thickness. You have different sizes of bamboos to choose from for your roofing. Finding the right size you need for your bamboo roof should not be a problem.

Aside from a bamboo roof, bamboo is also ideal for fencing, flooring (bamboo mats), furniture and accessories for any landscape, especially one with an Asian theme. You can also use a bamboo roof as an alternative to a thatch roof for pool sides, tiki huts, shacks, bars, sheds and even homes. Bamboo roof materials and other bamboo products are available in many outlets nationwide. They are also available online. The Sukkah Center is an example of a company that offers bamboo mats, bamboo poles, and other accessories. Contact a bamboo roof specialist in your location today and learn more information about installing a bamboo roof for your structure.